Mary Rebekah | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Mary Rebekah has the beauty and the brains.

She has an infectious personality….the kind that you can’t help but to be in a good mood when you’re around her!  She is in the running for Valedictorian of her class and is a dedicated member of the MHS dance team.

I want to be Mary Rebekah when I grow up.

LOL.  Seriously though, she is so determined and focused.  I know she will do big things after graduation, and I can’t wait to see!

Here are her favorites:

MD00028 BW copyMD00033 copyMD00042 copyMD00060 copyMD00085 copyMD00094 copyMD00116 copy


Jack | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

I can officially mark it off my bucket list to photograph a President, because I now have.

Back in January of this year Jack, and his fellow members of the McGehee High School Beta Club, attended the Arkansas state Beta Convention.  He ran for the position of President and had to come up with an overall theme that included his speech and a skit.

If you’ve ever been to Beta Convention, you know the speech is very important and opens the door to the crowd remembering just WHO you are.  It gives thousands of teens from across the state of Arkansas a chance to meet you without ever saying hi, and you have the ultimate task to make your mark on these peers in minutes.  After the speech comes the closer.  This is where Jack’s friends come into play.  They put together a 30 second choreographed skit that tied in the theme of Jack’s speech and made a final imprint on the crowds minds.

Jack’s theme was Prince Charming, and his skit was set to Disney characters and music.  It was amazing!

Jack won the position of President for the Arkansas State Beta Club, and the skit team won third place for their performance!  They attended the National Convention in Orlando, Florida this summer, and although they came up short on the Presidency, the skit team placed 2nd overall!  They got to finish with a trip to Disney World.  Talk about memories being made!

Jack, I hope your Senior year is as amazing as this summer has been (and I have a feeling it will be!)

Here are Jack’s favorites from his senior session:

JM00002 copyJM00029 copyJM00037 copyJM00043 copyJM00047 copyJM00059 copyJM00064 copyJM00070 copyJM00076 copyJM00080 copyJM00086 copyJM00096 copyJM00106 copyJM00110 copyJM00128 copy


Skyler | McGehee, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Skyler came for her preconsultation meeting with big dreams and ideas.  She absolutely loves fireworks so we figured out a way to have some fun and incorporate them into her senior session.  She also brought some suitcases that were an heirloom to her family.  Between smoke bombs, fireworks, heirloom pieces and the gorgeous sunset, Skyler’s session was one for the books!  Here are her favorites:


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Marley | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Marley  |  McGehee High School Class of 2017

Marley didn’t take ONE bad picture at her senior session, and I’m not just saying that!  The proof is below….and I know for a fact you’ll agree with me!  I felt like I was working with a professional model.  If you’ve ever watched Tyra Banks pose on her show, America’s Next Top Model, then you’ve seen what I had the opportunity to work with in Marley.  She was literally so comfortable and had such a fluid flow to her posing that I could have shot her all.  day.  long.  Her bubbly personality shines through a ton of her images, but man oh man can she pull off a serious face!  Just look at these favorites:

MS0009 copyMS0011 copyMS0016 copyMS0021 copyMS0025 copyMS0029 copyMS0032 copyMS0042 copyMS0044 copyMS0045 copyMS0047 copyMS0051 copyMS0053 copyMS0056 copyMS0058 copyMS0062 copyMS0065 copyMS0071-1 copyMS0083 copyMS0094 copyMS0095 copyMS0096 BW copyMS0097 copyMS0099 copyMS0104 BW copyMS0105 copyMS0107 BW copyMS0119 BW copyMS0119 copy

Emmett | Dumas, Arkansas Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Emmett came to the studio last week for his newborn session, and although we tried every trick in the book, he did not want to sleep at all lol!  His mama blamed it on their big family, and the fact that he’s so loved that he doesn’t get to lay down much.  He was wide awake almost the entire time, except for a few sleepy ‘let me close my eyes for a second’ shots, but I couldn’t love them more.  Emmett has the sweetest, laid back personality, and as you can tell from some of the shots, a big appetite!  He gnawed on his hands almost the entire time, and believe me, his mama made sure his little belly was full.  We were even able to get a special shot for his daddy, who is a lineman for Entergy.  Emmett thought he needed to show out for his daddy a little in one shot, too, by flexing.  I hear his big brother, Gray, is doing an amazing job at keeping him happy.  Gray even comes in to check on him every little bit when he’s playing outside.  I know those two will share a special bond as they grow ❤  Scroll through these precious portraits and see just how sweet this new baby is.


EH0005 copyEH0006 copyEH0007 copyEH0013 copyEH0018 copyEH0023 BW copyEH0025 copyEH0032 copyEH0036 copyEH0046 BW copyEH0048 copyEH0049 copyEH0053 copyEH0056 copyEH0057 BW copyEH0066 copyEH0054 copy

Emily | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

If I had to describe Emily in one word, I would choose determined.  Even though I’ve only known her a short time, I can see so much ferocity and drive all contained in her tiny little frame (which I would kill for lol!).  I truly believe Emily gets it honest.  I can tell her parents have taught her that nothing in life is free and you have to work wholeheartedly for your own success in life.  After all, both of her parents recently retired, before the age of FIFTY!  How amazing is that?!

Emily is truly an amazing young woman.  I told her she would be someones boss one day, because she has the grace and drive to do so.

We had a gorgeous evening for Emily’s senior session!  Her outfits, the weather, and her vivacious spirit made for a perfect storm, and we got some amazing portraits that day.  Here are her favorites:


Hayden | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

What a beautiful evening we had for Hayden’s Senior Session!  Fall was beginning to creep into the air and she didn’t have to suffer the heat and humidity from the summer!  Hayden is such a precious girl and is so driven….I had a great time laughing and getting to know her more that evening!  I don’t think there was an image from her gallery that I didn’t love.  Check out how gorgeous she is!