Maelyn | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

‘God is within her, she will not fall.’

-Psalm 46:5


Maelyn has a quiet beauty about her.  She has a smile that would light up any darkness, and a gentle spirit that only comes from having the love of Christ living within.  I look for big things to come in Maelyn’s future!

Here are some of Maelyn’s favorites from her senior session!


**Hair and Makeup by the fabulous Samantha Kiff (Sam Austin’s Salon)**

MD11 copyMD21 copyMD42 copyMD45 copyMD55 copyMD76 copyMD85 copyMD97 copyMD102 copy

Paige | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

“Everyone needs a redhead friend.  

If you don’t have one, you’re missing out!”


To watch the color of Paige’s hair transform how backgrounds/settings looked was amazing to me!  I don’t think she realizes just how good she is at modeling!

Here are some of Paige’s top images from her Senior Session:

PH_83 copyPH_82 copyPH_61 copyPH_56 copyPH_54 copyPH_49 copyPH_40 copy

Glitter is one of my number one requests from my girls this year, and I LOVE it!!!

PH_39 copyPH_34 copyPH_27 copyPH_22 copyPH_10 (1) copyPH_06 copyPH_01 (1) copy

PH_95 copy

Jessica | Dumas, Arkansas Maternity Photographer

There aren’t adequate words to express the amount of sorrow that Jessica and the Morris family has been through over the past 5 years.  She has been through every mothers nightmare, but God has now blessed her with her ‘rainbow baby’.  Isabella Nicole will be here soon, so we wanted to capture some portraits of this special time in Jessica’s life, along with honoring her precious son, Ridley. I truly believe he painted the sky that evening, just for his mama and baby sister.

JM1 copyJM12 copyJM17 copyJM33 copyJM38 copy

JM35 copyJM48 copy

JM43 16x20 copy

Jessica | Dumas, Arkansas Teen Photographer

I’ve known this family for a long time.  I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph Jessica’s Quincinera portraits last summer, along with her brothers senior portraits.  When Jessica came to me wanting to do some ‘fun’ shots this summer and mentioned water, I was down for whatever she had in mind!  We got several ‘looks’ covered that evening, from cowgirl to uptown girl, and she rocked every look!  Here are some of her favorites!

JR1 copyJR7 copyJR15 copyJR19 copyJR34 copyJR46 copyJR53 copyJR66 copyJR72 copy

Hunter | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Hunter came to the studio a little less than excited to be taking his Senior portraits, as many guys do.  It didn’t take long before he was warmed up and ready to go though.  We got to talking and visiting, and before we knew it, the session was finished!  There was just a teeny tiny bit of heat and humidity thrown in there (his session was mid-day!) but after a Sonic run we were good to go.

Here are a few of his mom’s favorites!

H9 copyH10 copyH14 BW copyH34 copyH56 copyH58 copyH59 copyH61 BW copy

McKinsey | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

McKinsey’s smile is SO contagious!  We laughed almost the entire time!  Other than telling her the basics of what poses I wanted, she done the rest!  She is so photogenic and so much fun to be around.  I enjoyed getting to know  her, and I’m grateful she trusted me when I said flour would be involved.  She asked no questions, just trusted. It. was. so. worth. it.M12 BW copyM13 copyM14 copyM26 BW copyM29 BW copyM40 copyM44 copyM65 copyM76 copyM90 copyM95 copyM103 copyM112 copyM131 copyM142 copyM148 copyM151 copy

Jonbonet | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

I’ve known Jonbonet for several years now.  She was once a student of mine when I taught junior high science at Cornerstone Christian Academy.  She was always so driven to accomplish whatever was in front of her, whether it be mastering a free-throw or making an A on her next test.  That’s why it didn’t surprise me when Jonbonet came to me this past spring and told me she had taken classes to allow her to skip a grade, so she would be graduating in 2017 instead of 2018!

Im so proud of you, Jonbonet, for everything you’ve accomplished (and will accomplish in the future)!


JB12 copyJB53 copyJB57 copyJB62 copyJB78 copyJB85 copyJB97 copyJB102 copy

Tyfani | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Tyfani is your All-American girl; gorgeous curly hair, dimples, always smiling, and a little bit shy.  She definitely had a quiet confidence about her though.  She came to me with an imagination of exactly what she wanted her senior portraits to look like, and we definitely worked together to make her portraits exactly what she wanted them to be!  I may be finding glitter inside and outside of my studio for the next 6 months lol, but it was totally worth it to get her cap and gown shot!

TH29 copyTH81 copyTH112 copy

Jakee | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Jakee is so soft spoken, yet driven!  She knows exactly what she wants to do after graduation and what path she has to take to get there.

We didn’t let the summer heat slow us down at all!  Jakee showed up and showed out with me to create some gorgeous portraits!

JS6 copyJS12 BW copyJS16 BW copyJS38 copyJS50 copyJS51 copyJS52 BW copyJS54 copyJS60 copyJS61 copyJS82 copy