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Limited Edition Valentines Mini-Session

Book your little Valentines an appointment for our Limited Edition Mini-Session next week, Tuesday (26th), Wednesday (27th) or Thursday (28th).

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You will receive a framed 10×20 collage of 5 of your favorite images, session fee included, for $150!  We will do some with and without props, so you will have plenty of variety (The background is pictured above!).


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Easton is here!

December 22, 2015 was the big day for the Morris/Dendy families (along with the extended crew!).  This was the day that Anistyn became a big sister and their family grew by 10 tiny toes.

As proven with past deliveries, our family always takes over 3/4 of the L&D waiting room, unintentionally.

E3 copy

E4 copy

We try to be as quiet as possible, but when you have a new baby being born sometimes the excitement is just a little too much to hold in.  We tossed back and forth between the waiting room and the hall to give the other poor families a break from ourselves lol.

E73 copy

E47 copy

E61 copy


After others in the family finished their visit, I finally had the chance to go in the back to see Kelsie.  This delivery was completely different from her last.  This time around Kelsie was in her bed with her make-up on, just cruising through her contractions.

E12 copy

E27 copy

E18 copy

E26 copy

E17 copy

E22 copy

E24 copy

E31 copy

E42 copy

I went in to see her around 10:45am.  At 11:37am Easton made is grand entry into the world!  Kelsie’s labor went insanely fast to say the least!

We got word that he was here, so Robin (Mammie) told Anistyn that her baby brother was here and she is a big sister now!  Anistyn said “WAIT! My baby brother is here??”

E86 copy

She was even more excited when her daddy came walking through the doors (we were too!).

E95 copy

E97 copy

E99 copy

E101 copy

Big sister got to go in first to meet her new baby brother and she was so excited!

E105 copy

Then came time for the rest of the family to meet little Easton!

E119 copy

E121 copy

E123 copy

E126 copy

There wasn’t a better sight to see that day than this.

E122 copy

To say we were all in love was an understatement!

E131 copy

E135 copy

E138 copy

E152 copy

The official first ‘family of 4’ portrait.

E165 copy


E287 copy

E232 copy

E189 copy

Papaw’s second great-grand!

E184 copy

E168 copy

EBM1 copy

E273 copy

E193 copy

E261 copy

E308 copy

E239 copy

E226 copy

E266 copy

E235 copy

E236 copy

E201 copy

E202 copy

Easton Bo Morris, 7 pounds 4.8 ounces, 19 inches long

E220 copy

E291 copy

E133 copy

E316 copy


I finally got my hands on this sweet baby in the studio at 14 days old.  He was so cuddly and  his big sister did such a good job with him!

facebook 2

facebook 3

facebook 5

facebook 4

easton62 copy

easton63 copy

And little Ani was so dang cute, I had to get one of her by herself!

facebook 6

Now, Anistyn and Easton’s daddy likes Star Wars just a teeny-tiny bit, so Kelsie and I played around with that idea a little:

facebook 1

easton55 copy

Then we finished up the session with a few of this sweet baby by himself

facebook 7

facebook 8

facebook 9

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb” Psalm 139:13

facebook 10

facebook 11


“For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him.”    1 Samuel 1:27


Colt’s Winter ‘One’derland

My baby boy, Colt, turned a year old on December 4!  (I know this post is a little late, but with all of the chaos from the holidays I’ve just now had a chance to post)  His first year flew by, as they always do.  I read a quote a friend posted on Facebook that said ‘The days are long but the years are short’.  I thought, gosh, that is so true!  In the moments of waking up every 2-3 hours to feed/change him in those first 3-4 months I thought that phase would never end, yet, here we are.

Colt is my independent child; he has always slept in his baby bed and isn’t one to really want to be rocked to sleep (although occasionally he does and I soak those moments up since they’re rare).  He is a mama’s boy through and through.  He began walking at 11 months old and loves to do try to do anything his big brother does.  That involves taking away any toy Cash is playing with when he wants to lol.  Colt is a ham and loves to show out and make people laugh.  He loves to see himself on my video camera and says ‘hayyyyy’ when I have someone on speaker phone.  He loves his bath and he loves to splash all of his water out.

Since Colt’s birthday is the beginning of December, his theme was ‘Colt’s Winter Onederland’.

Colt14 copy

Colt10 copy

We had a hot chocolate bar

Colt15 copy

Colt17 copy

Colt9 copy


Colt had a huge cupcake to dig in, and everyone else had blue velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing (I like to bake!)Colt18 copy


Mr. Busy Body loved running around and visiting everyone!Colt12 copy

Colt loved his rocking horse his grandma got himColt128 copy

Colt55 copy

Colt wasn’t really into tearing his presents open so I had to help out.  Here is a calm moment between us as he gazed at his new toy…Colt85 copy

And just like that, he was tired of sitting in my lap and looking at gifts, so he decided to buck out of my lap!

Colt100 copy

Mama wouldn’t let him get down….

Colt106 copy

Finally he got down and his big brother made it all better.

Colt114 copy

Everyone began singing Happy BirthdayColt182 copy

This is Colt’s ‘this is awkward’ face Colt185 copy

Colt didn’t quite know how to blow out his candles so Cash came to the rescue and helped.  I believe this is my favorite picture from his party!Colt191 copy

Colt193 copy

Colt203 copy

Colt204 copy

He had a wonderful party and we are so thankful for the friends and family who came to help us celebrate!

Here are a few shots from his first birthday cake smash session at the studio:

IMG_0956 copy

IMG_1007 copy

IMG_1062 copy