Boston & Beckham

My little eyes are watching

All you say and do

And when I grow up big and tall

I want to be like you

My little ears are listening

To everything you say

I am learning how to grow up

To be like you someday

So be careful how you teach me

To be the person that you are

You’re a knight in shining armor

You’re my brightest shining star.

-Patsy Gaut

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Let New Adventures Begin

Oh how I love a chunky little baby, and precious little Piper fills out every roll perfectly.  This sweet baby is so mellow and calm; she barely made a peep the entire session and let us do whatever we wanted without griping.  She even threw in some smiles as I talked to her.  I would definitely take this little girl home with me to cuddle in a heartbeat, but I don’t think Avery and Hunter would let me.  These two are so wrapped around Piper’s little finger.  I have a feeling she may end up a tiny bit spoiled (who can resist though!?) between those two and the large amount of family that Piper is surrounded by. I can’t wait to watch this precious baby girl grow, and I can’t wait to hear how much fun Avery and Hunter have over the holidays with her.  The holidays definitely have new meaning once you have a little one.

Congratulations Avery and Hunter, and keep that baby chunky for me 🙂



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Together is our favorite place to be. . .

I have had the opportunity to watch little Ava grow.  Tanya and Brad brought their sweet baby girl to me, only days old, for hew newborn portraits, six month, then again for her first birthday.  It’s a little hard for me to take seeing how much this little girl has grown since our last session.  Time does not slow down for anyone, that’s for sure!  Her little personality has blossomed so much.  She’s so full of life and energy, and you can see those same things radiate from her parents as they look at her.

Tanya set up an appointment with me for fall family portraits at their home.  She told me of this awesome barn that was in her back yard that she loved and wanted to have in some of her portraits.  When I pulled up that day, their back yard looked like a post card.  There sat this old natural wood barn surrounded by hardwood trees that were beginning to show the colors of the season.  Absolutely beautiful and a photographers dream!  Ava played while mom and dad watched and I was able to capture some amazing shots that morning.

Tanya and Brad, thank you so much for allowing me to help you watch your baby girl grow.  Friendships like ours are what makes my job the best.

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And she’s even cute when she pouts

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Madison {Dumas High School Class of 2016}

I had so much fun at Madison’s senior session.  I had the opportunity to photograph her at her dad’s store in Dumas; a store in which she grew up playing/working in.  When I walked around the property, it was an absolute photographers dream.  I think I could have photographed her there all day long and not been bored.  We talked about her vacations with her family and she and her mom shared many stories that had me laughing.  She also shared with me how she loves fashion and plans to attend school in Dallas, Texas to pursue it.  This girl has the drive (and brains!) to accomplish anything she dreams of, and a family who will be there to back her every step of the way.  I’m so excited to see what she accomplishes in her future!

Thank you, Madison, for allowing me to take your senior portraits and capture this time in your life.  BlogBoard-1 copy

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