Emmett | Dumas, Arkansas Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Emmett came to the studio last week for his newborn session, and although we tried every trick in the book, he did not want to sleep at all lol!  His mama blamed it on their big family, and the fact that he’s so loved that he doesn’t get to lay down much.  He was wide awake almost the entire time, except for a few sleepy ‘let me close my eyes for a second’ shots, but I couldn’t love them more.  Emmett has the sweetest, laid back personality, and as you can tell from some of the shots, a big appetite!  He gnawed on his hands almost the entire time, and believe me, his mama made sure his little belly was full.  We were even able to get a special shot for his daddy, who is a lineman for Entergy.  Emmett thought he needed to show out for his daddy a little in one shot, too, by flexing.  I hear his big brother, Gray, is doing an amazing job at keeping him happy.  Gray even comes in to check on him every little bit when he’s playing outside.  I know those two will share a special bond as they grow ❤  Scroll through these precious portraits and see just how sweet this new baby is.


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Raeleigh & J.W., McGehee Prom 2017 | Dumas, Arkansas Photographer

It’s very hard to believe that our little ‘Rae Rae’ is old enough to attend Prom.  For those of you who don’t know, Raeleigh is my niece.  After Drew and I were married we lived right across the street from them, so we got to watch the kids grow up.  Raeleigh was our little hot head.  In all honesty, now-a-days I would call her our sour patch kid.  She was the cutest little thing toddling around with her long golden hair, but in a split second she could get mad and throw a fit.  Once she got something on her mind she wouldn’t let it go until she got what she wanted.  If I’ve heard her say ‘mama’ once, I’ve heard her say it a thousand times.  Turns out it’s a good trait to have now that she’s older, because she’s driven and knows what she wants in life.  We are all so proud of her.  She’s a senior next year so we’ve got big things planned for her multiple senior sessions this summer/fall ❤

Raeleigh’s boyfriend, J.W., quickly fit in with our family.  He’s outspoken, good-hearted and treats her like any good boyfriend should, with honor and respect.  (I don’t think she gives him a choice though LOL.)

We love these two and are excited to see what the future holds, for them as individuals and for them as a couple.

If you haven’t had a chance to see their Prom video, click here.  It includes more pictures and video clips from that evening.

Here are a few of our favorites from their Prom Session:

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Jaela | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Y’all, Jaela is a natural in front of the camera.  I took care of the posing and she took care of everything else.  We had fun in the studio and then went outside to several locations, some new.  She brought a ton of outfits and we had a great time going through them and picking out favorites for each setting.  She’s got the beauty, the brains, AND she’s super athletic!  She will be attending The University of the Ozarks in the fall to play fast pitch softball!

Here are a few favorites from her session:

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Ariyian | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Ariyian is so blessed….she looks amazing whether her hair is short or long!  As you’ll see below, she decided to wear a super sleek look for her senior portraits and she totally rocked it!  I’m in love with her style and how her portraits turned out.  When she and her mom came in to see her pictures, her hair was long and wavy.  My jaw dropped because this girl looked just as amazing with it long as it was short!  Not many people can pull both off, but she certainly can, and does it very well!

Here are Ariyian and her mom’s favorites from her senior session:

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Reece | Dumas, Arkansas Newborn Photographer

Reece was a dream to have in the studio, and mama and daddy say she’s the same at home.  Seriously, she is one of the few newborn sessions I’ve done that went smooth, start to finish.  She came in sleeping and she left sleeping.  She let me move her and mould her into whatever shape or position I needed without making a peep.  Oh, and the smiles!  She gave so many sweet little smiles throughout the session, making sure to give one with both her mama and daddy!  She wraps everyone she meets around that sweet little finger of hers.

Welcome to the world Reece!

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Hudson | Dumas, Arkansas Newborn Photographer

I had the honor of photographing Hudson a few weeks ago, and his daddy and I just so happen to go way back.

Back in my teenage years, I was a hard core softball player, and so was Katie Puryear.  We played in the Dumas league together pretty much our entire lives.  Always running around playing and attending every game was Katie’s little brother, Calvin.  When he wasn’t in the stands cheering on Katie, he was on the field himself.  Calvin was quite the baseball player.  Although he’s a few years younger than me, I can remember him dominating on the ball field.  I have no doubt Calvin will have his little boy on the field as soon as he can walk.

Calvin went on to marry Kathleen, and together they have brought a sweet, calm spirited little boy into the world.  I didn’t know Kathleen prior to their newborn session, but just in the short time of working together it’s obvious that she and Calvin are a perfect match.  They are both so in love with this little boy, and I can’t wait to watch him grow up on the ball field.

Meet Hudson Puryear:

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