Katie | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Katie, a senior at Star City,  has the brains AND the beauty!  She is planning to become a doctor after graduating and has spent countless hours shadowing a local physician just so she can make sure it’s what she wants to do.  Talk about determined!  I definitely want someone like her treating me or my family, because people like her are who are dedicated and truly want to be the best in their field so that they can save countless lives.  Katie, I cannot wait to see what your future holds, because I know it’s going to be BIG!

Check out Katie’s gorgeous portraits!


Savannah | Dumas, Arkansas Maternity Photographer

This little mama absolutely glows!  She and her boyfriend are expecting a baby girl in a few short weeks!  The end of a pregnancy tends to be the shortest AND longest part of the entire process.   It’s easy to get consumed in preparing for the new baby to arrive and forget to document how perfect and round your little belly is.  Savannah didn’t want to forget any detail, because although she is a first-time mom, she knows from listening to the wisdom of an amazing support system of family that this phase will be gone all too soon!  I had a wonderful time that evening hearing about sweet little Blakely and the plans for her arrival.  I know Savannah and Jacob already love this baby girl more than anything and even though she isn’t here just yet, she already has them wrapped around her tiny little finger.

Here are Savannah’s favorites from her Maternity Session:



Paige | Dumas, Arkansas Bridal Photographer

Y’all, this gorgeous girl got married this past Saturday!!

What a beautiful morning we had on the day of Paige’s bridal session.  We started early to beat the heat, and it worked out perfectly because by the time we finished it started to get, in true Arkansas fashion, a little steamy outside.  Paige came to the studio accompanied by her sister in law and her precious mama.  Within the first 10 minutes of being there I could tell that Paige and her mama had a special bond.  Yes, mothers and daughters tend to turn into friends as time goes on, but these two just had something about them that was extraordinary and very evident.  After talking with them awhile, Paige shared with me that her mom was truly her best friend.  THAT was the ‘next level’ that I could feel.  You could see it in their eyes, you could watch it as they laughed together.  I was thrilled when Paige told me that even though her mama was a little reluctant, she would be taking some portraits with her that morning.  Talk about special!  We laughed and had a wonderful time, and together we came out with stunning images of Paige to display at her wedding and to forever have in her home.

Paige and I sort of ‘clicked’ when we met.  I felt like we could talk forever.  I knew that we sort of shared a special ‘bond’ in that I, too, had a Christmas wedding.  I never imagined that we would also share such a tragic moment in our lives;  the loss of our mothers.

Peggy, Paige’s mama, passed away roughly a month ago.  There is absolutely no way to explain the feeling of losing your mama.  We can never know what the future holds for us our our loved ones, but God does, and nothing catches Him off guard.  He knows our hurt and how deep that pain runs in our veins (and boy does it run deep).  I’m so thankful that we can place our faith and hope in Him, and know that we get to see our mamas one day again.  Please join me in praying for this sweet girl and her family in the days to come.

I’m so thankful her mama joined us that day.  What sweet memories Paige will have every time she looks at her bridal portraits.

Now, I present to you the stunning Mrs. Paige Johnson-Blevins:




Canon | Dumas, Arkansas Child Photographer

Canon and his mommy came to the studio a few weeks ago to have portraits made and he was awesome!  This little boy never let us sit still, but his little personality is just precious. He stayed busy exploring and running around, but at the same time would stop and love on his mama for a minute.  He’s definitely all boy with a big heart for his mama.  Here are Leeza’s favorites!