Andrew + Samantha | Dumas, Arkansas Professional Photographer

I’ve known Samantha all of my life, like many of you have, and she is such a sweet, sweet soul.  She would give you the shirt off of her back to help you out and she is just genuinely a good person.  She has worked hard to provide for her beautiful little girl, Anna Claire, and has also become a staple in our community in many ways.  God sent Samantha and her little girl the man she’s prayed for her entire life, and they were married in a small, intimate ceremony last fall.  I didn’t know Andrew personally prior to their wedding, but I can tell you that just from knowing him this short period of time, he and Samantha are truly soulmates.  You can just see it in his eyes when he looks at her.  Andrew didn’t just take on Samantha, but also a sweet little girl who he looks at as his own.  He loves these girls whole-heartedly and you can see it when you watch them together.  I had the honor and privilege to be there with her and the handful of guests to celebrate and help her document this glorious occasion.

Thank you Andrew, Samantha and Anna Claire, for letting me be there for you.

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Marley | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Marley  |  McGehee High School Class of 2017

Marley didn’t take ONE bad picture at her senior session, and I’m not just saying that!  The proof is below….and I know for a fact you’ll agree with me!  I felt like I was working with a professional model.  If you’ve ever watched Tyra Banks pose on her show, America’s Next Top Model, then you’ve seen what I had the opportunity to work with in Marley.  She was literally so comfortable and had such a fluid flow to her posing that I could have shot her all.  day.  long.  Her bubbly personality shines through a ton of her images, but man oh man can she pull off a serious face!  Just look at these favorites:

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