Mallory | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

This girl.  She has that ‘model’ look, and that southern hometown girl charm.  I told her she’s my little Kendall Jenner- to me she favors her a lot!  We had so much fun trekking all around Desha county for Mallory’s senior session.  Although everyone agrees that we love them ALL, these are her best of the best!

This, my friends, is what perfection looks like!

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Valeria | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

McGehee High School Class of 2018

Valeria is as sweet as she is smart.  She loves her school, being with her friends, and loves those Friday night lights with her teammates cheering on the Owls.

She took us to a family friends home to do her portraits, and this place was a wonderland.  There were beautiful shade trees all around, tons of colorful flowers all throughout the back yard, and a serene bayou out to the side.  We had fun walking around the property taking her portraits.

She had so many gorgeous portraits, but these topped the list of favorites:

Hair and Makeup by Catie Minton (Sam Austin’s Salon, Dumas, Arkansas)

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Skyler | McGehee, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Skyler came for her preconsultation meeting with big dreams and ideas.  She absolutely loves fireworks so we figured out a way to have some fun and incorporate them into her senior session.  She also brought some suitcases that were an heirloom to her family.  Between smoke bombs, fireworks, heirloom pieces and the gorgeous sunset, Skyler’s session was one for the books!  Here are her favorites:


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