Boston & Beckham | Dumas, Arkansas Child Photographer

These two boys top the list of favorite clients to photograph.  I think it’s because they remind me so much of my boys.  Boston is such a laid back, easy-going big brother.  He is so good with Beckham, watching him to make sure he doesn’t get into anything he shouldn’t.  Although she doesn’t, Allison could totally prop her feet up and relax for a little bit with Boston around lol!  He’s that good with his little brother.  Beckham is your typical busy-bodied toddler, running wild and free-spirited.  His little grin can melt you in a split second.  When I walked in to their home to do their session that day, he immediately grabbed my hand and took me around their house showing me things.  He is such a sweet baby, and a pretty one at that (he is still little so we mama’s can call our baby boys pretty at that age)!

Allison and Gage, you are truly blessed.

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Mary Rebekah | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Mary Rebekah has the beauty and the brains.

She has an infectious personality….the kind that you can’t help but to be in a good mood when you’re around her!  She is in the running for Valedictorian of her class and is a dedicated member of the MHS dance team.

I want to be Mary Rebekah when I grow up.

LOL.  Seriously though, she is so determined and focused.  I know she will do big things after graduation, and I can’t wait to see!

Here are her favorites:

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Jack | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

I can officially mark it off my bucket list to photograph a President, because I now have.

Back in January of this year Jack, and his fellow members of the McGehee High School Beta Club, attended the Arkansas state Beta Convention.  He ran for the position of President and had to come up with an overall theme that included his speech and a skit.

If you’ve ever been to Beta Convention, you know the speech is very important and opens the door to the crowd remembering just WHO you are.  It gives thousands of teens from across the state of Arkansas a chance to meet you without ever saying hi, and you have the ultimate task to make your mark on these peers in minutes.  After the speech comes the closer.  This is where Jack’s friends come into play.  They put together a 30 second choreographed skit that tied in the theme of Jack’s speech and made a final imprint on the crowds minds.

Jack’s theme was Prince Charming, and his skit was set to Disney characters and music.  It was amazing!

Jack won the position of President for the Arkansas State Beta Club, and the skit team won third place for their performance!  They attended the National Convention in Orlando, Florida this summer, and although they came up short on the Presidency, the skit team placed 2nd overall!  They got to finish with a trip to Disney World.  Talk about memories being made!

Jack, I hope your Senior year is as amazing as this summer has been (and I have a feeling it will be!)

Here are Jack’s favorites from his senior session:

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Dylan | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Dylan was my first official ‘Class of 2018’ session for this summer!  We endured a normal summertime evening; hot and humid.  Dylan knew he wanted to include his love for football, duck hunting, and his hometown in his session.  We managed to fit most of it in, but be on the lookout for pictures from Dylan’s duck hunting session, happening this fall!

His dog, Sabor, joined us for several pictures, and she was a ball of energy.  Wherever her duck dummy went, her eyes followed.  She wouldn’t move until Dylan gave her the go-ahead, and once he did, she would bolt like a flash of lightening.  She’s super smart, not to mention sweet as can be!

Dylan is looking forward to his Senior year and giving his all to his last season of Bobcat Football.  I’m looking forward to watching him and the rest of the team play!

Here are Dylan’s favorites from his session:

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Austin | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Austin has many loves that include his truck, his dog, duck hunting, baseball and working with his family’s cattle.  When planning his session, he and his mom knew they wanted to incorporate some of these into his session, but why not include them all?  So we did.

He had a two-part session, one evening and one morning, since we had so many locations and ideas.  It may have been hot and humid causing less than ideal conditions for most people, but this guy’s hair was on point!  I can’t say that I’ve ever had hair envy for a male, but I’ll just go ahead and say that I did with Austin’s.  His.  Hair.  Is.  Gorgeous.

It was super hard to narrow down favorites for the blog, but Austin, his mom and I all agree that these made the top of the list:

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Jade | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Jade and I go way back.

For those of you who don’t know, I taught Junior High Science/Yearbook at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Tillar for 6 years.  I was doing my photography part-time while teaching, but took that leap of faith to go full time in my photography business December 2014.

Jade was in my first 7th grade science class.  She was sweet, quiet, and had such a gentle spirit about her.  There wasn’t a time that she didn’t have her homework, and whatever I asked of her she always came through 110%.  She’s dependable, trustworthy, and just an all-around good kid.

Jade has blossomed into such a gorgeous young woman.  I have to admit though, I was a little sad looking through her images, because in my mind she’s still my little ‘baby Jade’ from 7th grade.  I can only imagine how her parent’s feel!

I can’t wait to show you Jade and her parent’s favorites.  Always reach for the stars, Jade!



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