Henry Rodriguez {Class of 2016}

I believe if anyone asked Henry what word comes to mind when he thinks of the evening he took his senior portraits, he would say COLD.  We.  froze.  Henry never complained one time though, and did anything I asked him to do, including standing on the football field in his jersey in 30-degree weather.

Though we had frost-bit fingers and rudolph noses, it was worth it all to see the look in their eyes when Henry and his family got to see his images for the first time today.

Congratulations Henry!  Your hard work is almost finished and this year will soon be a distant memory.  Thank you for choosing me to give you something to remember your Senior year by.

HR4 copy

HR18 copy

HR31 copy

HR36 copy

HR40 copy

HR43 copy

HR45 copy

HR51 copy

HR55 copy

HR71 copy

HR60 copy

HR66 BW copy

HR78 copy