Blaze | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

The rain has wreaked havoc on my end-of-summer senior sessions, and Blaze was unfortunately one of the ones we had to reschedule.  The day of her session is when the ton of rain moved in about a month ago and it felt like it rained a solid week.  Thankfully, the evening of her rescheduled session was gorgeous and the sky did not disappoint.  I think she did an amazing job picking out her outfits for her session (that green with her hair and eyes…wow!!) and shooting fire was a first for me…..I loved every second of it!  Check out her absolute favorites from her Senior Session:

Hair and Makeup:  Samantha Kiff (Sam Austin’s Salon, Dumas, Arkansas)

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Abby | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Literally 30 minutes before Abby’s appointment, while she was at Sam Austin’s Salon getting her hair and makeup finished, the bottom dropped out of the sky and it POURED.  I think we both panicked a little at first, but then had the mentality of ‘hey, we are doing this, rain or shine!’.  We had a great time in the studio, and when it was time to go outside we thankfully caught a break!  It was cloudy which made for soft overcast lighting and worked out perfect for the setting we went to.  We finished at sunset with her pride and joy, her jeep.  I may or may not have had to photoshop out a few mosquitoes in the jeep shots lol….

Here are some favorites of Abby and her parents:

Hair and Makeup by Samantha Kiff (Sam Austin’s Salon, Dumas, Arkansas)

AW22 copyAW29 copyAW33 BW copyAW35 copyAW72 copyAW84 copyAW90 copyAW120 BW copyAW144 copyAW146 copyAW149 copyAW151 copyAW160 copyAW174 copyAW178 copy

Logan | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Logan has some of the most gorgeous blue eyes I’ve seen, but since she wears glasses you don’t get to see their full effect unless she takes them off.  They literally sparkle (and you will be able to see these gorgeous baby blues below)!

It was cloudy at the beginning of her session, but we went on about our business and continued the session as usual.  At the end for her dance flour shots, we could literally see the rain coming about 5 miles away, so with no time to set up any sort of lighting, we used what God gave us and she ‘floured’ away!  We beat the rain and finished her session with the perfect ending.

Here are some of her mama’s favorites:


Hair and Makeup by the fabulous Samantha Kiff (Sam Austin’s Salon, Dumas, AR)

LT16 copyLT27 BW copyLT31 BW copyLT39 copyLT56 copyLT65 copyLT79 copyLT82 copyLT87 copyLT109 copyLT117 copyLT120 copyLT123 copyLT126 copyLT132 copyLT133 copyLT135 copyLT140 copy

Carlie | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Carlie has such a sweet country spirit about her.  She’s soft spoken but will giver her opinion if asked, and boy is she proud of her truck (and I can see why!).

 Carlie lost her mom several years ago in a car accident, and having lost my mom too, I can very much relate to what she feels.  I think she favors her sweet mama so much in her portraits.  It was such an honor to be able to incorporate Danielle in Carlie’s session.  I believe her mama had a hand in the gorgeous sunset that evening, because it was truly one of the most beautiful I’ve ever photographed.

Here are some of Carlie’s favorites from her session:

Hair and makeup by the fabulous Samantha Kiff (Sam Austin’s Salon, Dumas, AR)

CB12 copyCB15 BW copyCB15 copyCB20 copyCB24 copyCB35 copyCB37 copyCB41 copyCB46 copyCB60 copyCB66 copyCB68 copyCB73 copyCB76 copyCB80 copy

Kennedy | Dumas, Arkansas Child Photographer

If you ever want to meet a little girl who can instantly wrap you around her little finger, then you need to meet Kennedy!  She is the baby girl in a house full of boys, and every single one will do what she asks on command.  Her little smiling eyes can light up a room instantly, and her entire family is completely smitten!  I love the vintage theme her mama chose for her upcoming first birthday party!

K1 copyK21 copyK23 E copyK33 copyK41 copyK45 copyK63 copyK71 copyK79 copy

Dokadia Family | Dumas, Arkansas Family Photographer

From Arsheen’s senior portraits a few years ago to their family portraits now…I had a blast at each session I’ve done with them!!  Their family is so tight-knit and full of laughter!  These are some of their favorites from their recent family session!

D4 copyD10 copyD27 copyD28 copyD31 copyD32 copyD41 copyD49 copyD51 copyD85 copyD94 copy

Tess | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

I swear, I have some of THE most gorgeous Seniors there are!  Up tonight is the gorgeous Tess Whaley, Dumas High School Class of 2017!  If y’all only knew how hard it was to get a serious face out of her LOL!  This girl laughed almost the entire session (and kept us laughing too!).  We had quite an interesting evening since my vehicle decided to lock on it’s own (that’s my story anyway!) and had to wait on Mr. David to come open it for us.  If you followed my SnapChat story for her session then you were able to see what all we went though (Snapchat ID tdickson05 so add me!).  It was all worth it to finish up the night with her grandma’s car that her daddy built, piece by piece.  Tess lost her grandma to cancer a few years back.  She loved old cars, so Tess’ daddy (Steve) found an old mustang and rebuilt it for her.  He got it finished just in time to take his mama on her last ride in it, so what an honor it was to be able to take Tess’ portraits with such a family heirloom!  The car was ALMOST as beautiful as Tess…see for yourself:


Hair and Makeup by Samantha Kiff (Sam Austin’s Salon, Dumas, Arkansas)TW10 copyTW13 copyTW33 copyTW39 copyTW44 copyTW51 copyTW70 copyTW82 copyTW94 copyTW95 copyTW98 copyTW110 copyTW111 copyTW114 copyTW119 copyTW129 copy

Kaylee | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

So unique.  So wild and free.  When I asked Kaylee how her friends would describe her, she responded with ‘the crazy one’ lol.  She’s a lover of bacon (who isn’t?!) and has way too many nail polish colors to count.  She may have a little bit of ‘crazy’ but a lot of an old gypsy soul.  I love her style and I love how you can read her personality just from looking at these from her session. . .

KW22 BW copyKW29 copyKW39 copyKW47 copyKW55 copyKW57 copyKW59 copyKW71 copyKW73 copyKW82 copyKW88 copyKW98 copyKW101 copyKW104 copyKW109 copyKW114 copyKW133 copyKW136 copyKW142 copyKW158 copyKW160 copyKW163 copyKW166 copyKW172 copy

Averi | Dumas, Arkansas Newborn Photographer

If there has ever been a living baby doll, this little girl is it!  She was SO calm and barely made a peep the entire time during her session!  I told her mama and daddy that she looked like those gorgeous little mail-order dolls you see in magazines.  Just look at how cuddly she is!!

Averi9 BW copyAveri27 copyAveri37 BW copy