Jade | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Jade and I go way back.

For those of you who don’t know, I taught Junior High Science/Yearbook at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Tillar for 6 years.  I was doing my photography part-time while teaching, but took that leap of faith to go full time in my photography business December 2014.

Jade was in my first 7th grade science class.  She was sweet, quiet, and had such a gentle spirit about her.  There wasn’t a time that she didn’t have her homework, and whatever I asked of her she always came through 110%.  She’s dependable, trustworthy, and just an all-around good kid.

Jade has blossomed into such a gorgeous young woman.  I have to admit though, I was a little sad looking through her images, because in my mind she’s still my little ‘baby Jade’ from 7th grade.  I can only imagine how her parent’s feel!

I can’t wait to show you Jade and her parent’s favorites.  Always reach for the stars, Jade!



JD00008 copyJD00010 copyJD00018 BW copyJD00020 copyJD00024 copyJD00029 copyJD00063 copyJD00070 copyJD00077 copyJD00096 copyJD00105 copyJD00118 copyJD00120 copyJD00128 copyJD00143 copy

Heather | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

The hair!  This girl has the most gorgeous head of red hair you will ever see.  Paired with her brown eyes and those killer dimples,  she’s a knockout.

Heather is entering her senior year in the fall at Star City High School, and she is excited to see what the year has in store for her!

She’s a lover of Reese pieces, anything sour, and spending time with her pets.  I tried to get her to bring one of her goats for pictures lol!  She plans to be a Veterinarian in the future, and I have no doubt she will be a wonderful doctor.

Heather was AMAZING at her senior session!  Check out some of her favorites below:

HM00005 BW copyHM00007 copyHM00008 BW copyHM00020 copyHM00027 copyHM00035 copyHM00040 copyHM00042 copyHM00049 copyHM00050 copyHM00053 copyHM00057 copyHM00058 copyHM00060 BW copyHM00065 copyHM00074 copyHM00081 copyHM00084 copyHM00089 copy



Averi turns one! | Dumas, Arkansas Child Photographer

This sweet little firecracker has a birthday next month, so why not have a red, white, and blue themed birthday party?!  She is the sweetest, cuddliest (if that’s not a word, I made it a word just for her lol) little girl and will steal your heart in a split-second!  She knows how to use those sparkling blue eyes to charm ya!  Also, it was such an honor to photograph 4 generations of Files/Hughes women!  It’s a photo that will be cherished every time they see it in their home ❤

Happy (early) Birthday baby girl!


A00015 copyA00021 copyA00032 copyA00060 copyA00064 copyA00072 copy

Emmett | Dumas, Arkansas Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Emmett came to the studio last week for his newborn session, and although we tried every trick in the book, he did not want to sleep at all lol!  His mama blamed it on their big family, and the fact that he’s so loved that he doesn’t get to lay down much.  He was wide awake almost the entire time, except for a few sleepy ‘let me close my eyes for a second’ shots, but I couldn’t love them more.  Emmett has the sweetest, laid back personality, and as you can tell from some of the shots, a big appetite!  He gnawed on his hands almost the entire time, and believe me, his mama made sure his little belly was full.  We were even able to get a special shot for his daddy, who is a lineman for Entergy.  Emmett thought he needed to show out for his daddy a little in one shot, too, by flexing.  I hear his big brother, Gray, is doing an amazing job at keeping him happy.  Gray even comes in to check on him every little bit when he’s playing outside.  I know those two will share a special bond as they grow ❤  Scroll through these precious portraits and see just how sweet this new baby is.


EH0005 copyEH0006 copyEH0007 copyEH0013 copyEH0018 copyEH0023 BW copyEH0025 copyEH0032 copyEH0036 copyEH0046 BW copyEH0048 copyEH0049 copyEH0053 copyEH0056 copyEH0057 BW copyEH0066 copyEH0054 copy