Jaela | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Y’all, Jaela is a natural in front of the camera.  I took care of the posing and she took care of everything else.  We had fun in the studio and then went outside to several locations, some new.  She brought a ton of outfits and we had a great time going through them and picking out favorites for each setting.  She’s got the beauty, the brains, AND she’s super athletic!  She will be attending The University of the Ozarks in the fall to play fast pitch softball!

Here are a few favorites from her session:

JM0016 copyJM0027 copyJM0034 copyJM0037 BW copyJM0046 copyJM0054 copyJM0072 copyJM0087 copyJM0088 copyJM0094 copyJM0105 copyJM0106 copyJM0107 copyJM0118 copyJM0123 copyJM0130 copyJM0132 copyJM0138 copyJM0149 copy

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