Arshaan | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Here’s a little sunshine for your rainy day ūüôā

Arshaan is so clever and witty. ¬†He’s crazy talented and can play the drums like no other! He was blessed to get his dream car last year, and she even has her own instagram page! ¬†She likes taking selfies ūüėČ

I had the pleasure of taking his sisters senior portraits several years back, so it’s always an honor when parent’s come back as a repeat client! ¬†I’m thankful I get the opportunity to serve them again!

Here are their favorites of Arshaan!

McGehee High School Class of 2019

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Maddie | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Maddie & her mom were SO much fun! ¬†We talked and laughed pretty much the entire session. ¬†It was pretty neat to hear that she knew my Aunt Carolyn (the one who mentored me as a photographer- she’s a professional photographer herself!) and that she had done pictures for her before! ¬†It’s a small world, for sure!

Maddie had SO many gorgeous shots, and although it was almost painful (lol!!), she was able to narrow it down to these absolute favorites:

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Mack | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

I’ve known Mack for awhile- I taught him in his early junior high years at CCA. ¬†I had no doubt when he booked his session that he would have some cool ideas. ¬†Mack is just like that. ¬†He’s artistic and musically inclined like no other. ¬†He can play just about any instrument he puts his hands on. ¬†When he told me of his idea to put a piano in the woods, and that his dad was going to help us make that happen, I knew the stars were aligning for something amazing. ¬†I feel like Mack’s style came through these pictures so incredibly well, and his vision came to life more so than we all imagined. ¬†Take a look-

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Madison | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

I’ve never met a person that could change the color of their hair to anything they want, and be able to pull it off flawlessly. ¬†That is, until now.

Madison chose to do our two-part Senior Story session, which included a full summer session and a full fall session.  Both started with hair and makeup at the studio, then we went to the preplanned destinations that Madison wanted.

The summer session went like this- hair and makeup was finished, outfit number one was on, and we went outside to load up…… and the sky was black. ¬†The rain surrounded us, just like those good ol’ summertime thunderstorms do, and we couldn’t do anything about it. ¬†We all decided to make lemonade out of lemons, and shot as much as we could in the studio and a little outside in-between rain showers. ¬†She came back a week later and we finished up part 1 of her Senior Story session (thanks to Brooke and Kelsie who graciously did her hair and makeup complimentary for that second round! ¬†How sweet are they?!)

Round two took place in Little Rock. ¬†Madison knew she wanted something outside of the box, and that’s just what we did. ¬†The leaves were vibrant in their fall colors on the trees, the sky was clear and blue, and Madison of course picked out the perfect outfits to go with the locations. ¬†I swear y’all, she could do that sort of thing for a living. ¬†They were perfect!

Oh, I forgot to mention that she also decided to change her hair for each session. ¬†This is where the truth from my first paragraph takes place. ¬†Madison chose to do long golden blond hair for the summer part, and short spunky brown hair for the fall…..pulled them both off effortlessly. ¬†Yes, there’s a little bit of jealousy in my tone lol!

Every time I look at these, it brings back so many fun memories of her sessions. ¬†In case you haven’t watched, her full Senior Story film video is posted to my facebook page. ¬†You can see it here

Here are Madison’s favorites:

MB00038 copyMB00055 copyMB00072 copyMB00093 copyMB00127 copyMB00139 copyMB00146 copyMB00154 copyMB00158 copyMB00173 copyMB00207 copyMBF00018 copyMBF00023 copyMBF00031 copyMBF00038 copyMBF00057 copyMBF00058 copyMBF00065 copyMBF00066 copyIMG_7141 20x24 copy

Emily | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

This young lady has a heart the size of Texas. ¬†She’s on on UP’s Senior Model Team, so we met at a meeting back in the spring. ¬†I knew then she was something special. ¬†Meekness and humbleness is hard to come by in teenagers, and she exhibited both from the start.

Fast forward to the summertime, and we were raising money by selling raffle tickets for my little boy’s all-star team to attend their state tournament. ¬†Do you know that Emily was one of the first to inbox me, letting me know she wanted to buy $20 in tickets? ¬†This hard working teenager wanted to donate $20 of HER money to a little ball team. ¬†That spoke to my heart SO much, and showed me just what kind of parents she had (for instilling such morals in their daughter), along with backing up those initial thoughts I had when meeting her this past spring. ¬†She has such a sweet spirit.

I think we captured the sparkle that Emily radiates (along with gorgeous fall colors and a the killer wardrobe she put together!), and I’m so glad I get to work with her again this spring. ¬†Here are her favorites:

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Parker | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

We may have had to reschedule once because of Arkansas’s crazy fall severe weather, but mother nature totally made up for it with a gorgeous day for Parker’s session. ¬†He knew he wanted to incorporate a cotton field, and his love for duck hunting, but other than that he was open to anything. ¬†We had a great time, and I LOVE his images! ¬†Here are his family’s favorites:


P00005 copyP00027 copyP00047 copyP00063 copyP00069 copyP00076 copyP00080 copyP00092 copy


Jessi | Dumas, Arkansas Newborn Photographer

This sweet baby girl came to see me a little while ago and was so perfect! ¬†She did fuss a little bit here and there, but who wouldn’t when Mrs. Tara’s hands just wouldn’t get warm beforehand?! ¬†Other than that, she was a sweetie and I enjoyed my time with her, and getting to know her family. ¬†She is so very loved! ¬†Welcome to this crazy old world, sweet Jessi!

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iLse Paloma | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Paloma may have already graduated this past May, but she didn’t want to miss out on having her senior portraits made. ¬†Mom and Dad accompanied us on the photo shoot, and it was evident that they are a close family. ¬†Paloma and her mother were like best friends, with her mom helping to adjust clothes and change up Paloma’s hairstyle halfway through the session. ¬†Such a sweet family, and gorgeous images of Paloma!

Here are their favorites:

PG00011 copyPG00022 copyPG00040 copyPG00044 copyPG00053 copyPG00083 copyPG00085 copy

Hannah | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

Hannah Grace, her mother and I, have all been planning her senior session since this past spring. ¬†She knew she wanted to incorporate her dog, sparklers, and the college she plans to attend. ¬†Other than that, she didn’t really have an agenda. ¬†We worked together and tossed around ideas to come up with the rest, and I couldn’t be more in love! ¬†Gorgeous soft curls, killer makeup, and the perfect outfits for the occasion- it was the perfect storm! ¬†Although there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch, these are Hannah’s absolute favorites:

HH00003 copyHH00010 copyHH00015 copyHH00019 copyHH00028 copyHH00030 copyHH00031 copyHH00034 copyHH00037 copyHH00038 copyHH00048 copyHH00053 copyHH00057 copyHH00060 copyHH00073 copyHH00083 copyHH00086 copyHH00089 copyHH00099 copy

Neida | Dumas, Arkansas Senior Photographer

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

-Audrey Hepburn


Neida is quiet, but definitely don’t count her out. ¬†She has this determination about her- a drive- that makes her a quiet contender. ¬†She didn’t talk a whole lot during our session, but her sisters and I made up for it. ¬†They also helped me get some good laughs out of Neida, which made for some gorgeous images. ¬†She’s such a sweet, sweet young woman, and I’m so thankful I got to shoot her senior session.

Here are her favorites:


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