Kaley’s Maternity

What seemed to be a session that would have to be rescheduled due to weather, turned into a gorgeous spring evening complete with rainbows.  Kaley and her family met me at the studio, and dark clouds were lingering all around.  The radar showed blobs of green headed our way, but if you know me, you know I hate to reschedule a session.  A lot of time is spent thinking and planning out sessions, which always gets me excited with the possibilities that are to come, so rescheduling is only done if it’s an absolute HAVE-TO situation.  Kaley was at a point in her pregnancy, too, that we didn’t need to put this off any longer because Jack Elliott’s arrival was drawing closer with each passing day.

We loaded up in our vehicles, praying the entire way, and headed out to our location.  I believe it rained all around us, except for our spot.  The weather ended up being perfect.  We shot Kaley’s maternity portraits at a gorgeous cattle farm right off of the levee.  I’m sure most people don’t think about taking pictures when they pass this farm, but when we pulled up my mind went into overdrive with ideas.

I’m so excited that the next time we take pictures, little Jack Elliott will be here.  Thank you, Kaley and family, for choosing me to document this important time in your lives!  I had so much fun with you all and I look forward to your sweet baby boy’s newborn session!  KP15 copy

KP23 copy

KP38 copy

KP45 copy

KP46 copy

KP62 copy

KP64 copy

KP65 copy

KP66 copy

KP71 copy

KP74 copy

KP79 copy

KP83 copy


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