Investing in my Education

This past weekend was one I’ve been waiting on for awhile.  I attended the Professional Photographer’s of the Ozarks Focus ’15 Photography Conference in Springdale, Arkansas.  My friends and I (Kimberly of Kimberly McNabb Photography and Jennifer of The Click Chick Photography) decided in the summer that we needed to attend after seeing the speaker list and how much we would learn!  I will admit, I was a little nervous about leaving my boys for two nights, but after Drew assured me he could handle it (he thought lol) I allowed myself to calm down and get excited.  I pulled out of southeast Arkansas early Saturday morning with coffee in hand and a full tank of gas.  I met the girls in Morrilton and off we went.

Saturday we attended a newborn class, taught by the amazing Lisa Rapp, an outdoor lighting for seniors class with Mario Mastitti. Saturday evening finished up with everyone hanging out at Bedfords Bash and a little bowling.  Sunday was a full day with a classes taught by Ron Jackson (architectural work) Miles Witt Boyer (social media) and Kimberly Smith (print competition). I’ve never done any architectural/realty type work before, but since taking Ron’s class I’m itching to play around!  Sunday night was capped off with an awards ceremony to recognize outstanding prints from print competition.  I could kick myself for not entering this year.  I WILL enter next year!!

Overall this weekend was amazing.  The classes were full of information that helped me grow, and so were the late night chats with my fellow photographers (while in our pjs!).  I strive to continue to grow and learn as a photographer because my clients all deserve nothing but the best from me….and that’s what I aim to provide!

So now, I’m off to prepare for a senior session that’s happening this evening and put all of this knowledge I soaked up this weekend to good use.

IMG_0571 IMG_0574 IMG_0581 IMG_0588 IMG_0591

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